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It all began in 2004. Luna opened a mini-shop where she sold animated pets for 300g. She was having so much trouble that she asked Spike to help her out. We sold them for a couple of months while Luna kept asking Spike for some automatic feedable pets. Spike kept telling her it was too hard to be done while secretly working on it.

On Septeber 16th, 2005 Spike gave Luna the code of the Feedable pets ^_^ 2 weeks later Luna drew the first 2 pets: Angelic and Demon fox. The shop was a complete success. Later on 2006 two new races that were being asked so much by our clients: Phoenix and Dragon. We were already the most popular shop on gaia by then when we decided to release Breedable pets. Later on we created the F&B pets' guild :P

In the year of 2007 things got a bit harder for us. Luna got a job, Spike went to university. Managing all the orders/requests was a severe problem. Then we decided to recruit Raine, who had helped us so much already in the guild, to manage all the pets. She works as hard as us to make this pets awsome.

Today we celebrate the opening of this new awesome website. Hope you like it as much as we do ^_^


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