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Q: Can 2 married pets divorce?
A: Not unless there is some really really strong reason.

Q: Can I change the sex/name/description of my pet?
A: Yes, you can, just fill out the 'Misc Correction' form in post 4 and post it here.. The only thing you can't change is the race.

Q: Can I give a pet as a gift?
A: Sure! Just write the name of the person you want to give your pet to in the Pet Owner when you order. Please state if you want us to PM the pet to that person (saying it's a gift from you) or send the pet to you at the bottom of your post.

Q: Can I have more than one pet?
A: Sure! You can have as many as you want! If you want to order them at the same time please post all the forms in one post.

Q: Can I help with your shop?Will you hire me?
A: We are not recruiting shop helpers, sorry.

Q: Do I need to roleplay my pet?
A: A: No. But if you want to, there is a roleplay forum in our guild ^^

Q: Do they die or get sick?!
A: No.

Q: Hey, can you teach me how to make feedable pets? Please? Just a little bit?
A: No, that's our shop's little secret. But you can find a tutorial here!

Q: Hey, I sent the trade a minute ago so where's my pet?
A: Pets take some time to be made and we have lots of orders and a busy life so be patient please. We're only able to log on a couple days a week, so please be patient!

Q: Hey, I'm poor and I'm questing for Angelic Hallo please donate some gold!!!
A: Our inbox is not the Charity Forum. We're questing for expensive items as well so sorry but NO!

Q: How do I use the chatbox?!
A: Click on Register, choose a name and pass (make sure it's a different pass from your Gaia one!), and then always use that same name and pass every time you want to post something on any pet.

Q: How does the happiness work?
A: Feedable pets start with 1 happiness, Breedable pets start with 11 happiness.
You win happiness by:
- Successfully feeding: +1 Happiness
- Upgrating: +10 Happiness
- Marrying: +100 Happiness
You loose happiness by:
- Letting it starve (empty feed bar): -1 Happiness / hour
- Forced evolution/de-evolution: -50 Happiness
- Gender change: -20 Happiness
- Divorce: -100 Happiness
- Changing username (Changing Gaia username): -10 Happiness
- Changing owner (New Gaia Owner): -200 Happiness
You can even have Negative amounts of Happiness points, so take care of your pets!

Q: How does the Top 10 work?
A: Q: How does the Top 10 work? A: There are 3 different Top 10 that show randomly: - Most fed pets - Lists the pets that were fed more times
- Happiest pets - Lists the happiest pets
- Best pets - Lists the pets whose total fed times + happiness points are the highest!

Q: How much do your pets cost? And how can I get one?
A: Check post 2 of our shop.

Q: I have a lot of pets but they won't fit in my sig! What do I do?
A: You can shrink them with TinyURL. Here's a tutorial for you. Or you could find a Mini shop that will do mapsigs for you in the Personalized Graphics forum.

Q: I'm so poor and I can't afford a pet. Can I have a free one?
A: No, we don't work for free. It would be unfair to the others and for ourselves. We work, we host your pet, we make updates, we try our best to give a quality service. People pay for that service, please do the same thing.

Q: I've lost my code! Will you give them to me again?
A: You can log in on the website and get it under "My Pets". If you don't have an account PM FBmule about it, on Gaia.

Q: My married pet just had a baby, can I give it to my friend?
A: No, the owner of the baby is automatically the same as the parents.

Q: What happens if I marry a Angelic Fox with a Demon Fox? What race will the child have?
A: The race will be random!

Q: What kind of payment do you take?
A: Gaia Gold or Monthly Collectible worth more than 12k only! No Casino items, no store items, and definitely not Gaia Cash because that can't be sent through trade!

Q: When will the next pets be released? Will there be new features, like items and stuff?
A: ETA is unknown. We are working on some stuff but our personal life is very busy.

Q: Why are feedable/breedable pets so expensive?!
A: They're not expensive. We are the cheapest breedable pet shop I know of. And they are pretty complex. They evolve, breed, marry, have babies, they're set according to your own time, they even have chatboxes!
Each pet has over 70 different images for each sig mode.
So they're not expensive at all!

Q: ZOMG! I have a question that's not on the FAQ!
A: Feel free to post it on the main shop thread.


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