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What are they?

They're interactive virtual pets you can use on your forum signature, profile or journal.

They are NOT Gaian items.

How do I get one?

You buy them with Gaia gold in our shop in Gaia.

If you find it confusing, follow the steps here.

How much do they cost?

Feedable pets cost 1500g.
Feedable&Breedable pets cost 4000g.

Upgrading a Feedable to Feedable&Breedable costs 2500g.

To find out the differences between these two types of pets, continue reading this page!

The pets are Feedable, you can click on them when the bar is not full to feed them and make them happy!
What do they do?

They evolve on their own.

You can display them in normal sig mode.

Or in mini sig mode, if you want to fit many things in your sig.

The background changes accourding to your time. They have mornings, afternoons and nights. The pets sleep too.

What do Breedables do that Feedables can't?

Breedable pets come with an extra sig mode that Feedable pets do not have: Chatboxes. This allows you and other people to leave messages and talk to each other!

Breedable pets can also marry and have a baby!

About Marriages
- The pets may belong to the same person or two different owners
- Both pets must be in their adult stage and have different genders (Female and Male)
- Both pets must be of the same race ( Angelic & Demonic Foxes are an exception because they are both foxes. The child's race will be random ( Angelic or Demon in this case)).
- Pets can only marry once and cannot divorce
- Only one baby will be born from the Marriage
- Babies from marriages will not evolve into adults.
- Babies cannot be given to different owners - they automatically belong to both owners of the parents.

What are the avaliable races?

Demon Fox, Angelix Fox,
Unicorn, Dragon and Phoenix.

The pictures shown are
the only available colors,
and we do not make custom pets

There may be more pet
races created in the future.

Still have questions?
Check our FAQ.


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